2013@Rise Up Advice Support and Information LET US GET INFORMED ABOUT ANY LGTB VIOLENCE WE SHALL DOCUMENT AND PUBLISH IT AN IMPORTANT STEP TOWARDS LGBT RIGHTS. 10/11/2019 Police raids RAM BAR carries out 127 LGBTQ arrest. LGBT community members enjoying their evening at RAM Bar were invaded by the police and thrown on to police vehicles. 67 of the 127 arrested have been charged for engaging or supporting gay activities. When contacted by Rise Up, the police refused to comment citing that, legal procedure investigations are still on going. 21/10/2019 Police arrests 16 men and accuses them of being Gay. The arrested men are between 21-35 years. The men arrested had gone to seek medical counseling at local health charity in Kampala known as Let’s Walk Uganda. The police claims that, the arrested were taken to court  and charged with     sexual for being gay. The group was kept at unknown place because locals wanted to launch assaults and kill them.   21/12/2019 Police arrests two men for hugging in public therefore, suspected of being gay Police in Lubaga arrested two men for hugging at a local restaurant after a meal. According to eye witnesses, the restaurant owner called police at around 8pm and was complaining about two male individuals hugging and at his premises are were about to kiss. According to the police Lubaga division spokesman. The two have been remanded at Luzira prison after police investigations confirmed they are really gay. 14/02/2020 Police arrests a group of LGBTQ community for organizing a Valentines party at Kabalagala A group of LGBTQ members who had hired a local pub in Kabalagala to celebrate valentines day were rounded up at around 8.30pm by plain cloth police men. The 8 men and women were taken to unknown destination. When contacted by Rise Up, police said they couldn’t comment as investigations are still ongoing..   info@riseup.org Rise Up Ug Plot 20, Zimwe Road Muyenga, Kampala Tel. 0753119580 shamim@riseupug.org mike@riseupug.org flo.nanziri@riseup.org
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