2013@Rise Up Advice Support and Information SUBSCRIBE TO OUR LGBTQ FREE MAGAZINE #shamim@riseupug.org LGBT FILM "Love on the Nile" A film based on a true story of 2 Lesbian Ugandan women and created by Kerry Watson." Love on the Nile" involves two Lesbian lovers from High School of a Kampala suburb. Love between these lesbian girls started as early as at the age of 16. Faced by rejection among friends and close relatives, Mercy and Joan lived true love but in a desperate life. In 2013, Mercy joined Makerere University to study Medicine, Joan joined  a Business campus to study business management and Informatics. Love in nest experienced a hard time. They could only meet over the weekend. Faced by rejection and oppression, the undercover love grew until the two became professionals. Today, they can stand up, talk and even defend the Ugandan LGBT community. Kerry Watson a former volunteer at Rise Up Ug is looking for volunteers to future in the film. Scripture training and rehearsals will begin mid December. If you are interested please feel free to contact info@riseupug.org info@riseup.org Rise Up Ug Plot 20, Zimwe Road Muyenga, Kampala Tel. 0753119580 shamim@riseupug.org mike@riseupug.org flo.nanziri@riseup.org
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