2013@Rise Up Who we are Rise Up is a Ugandan Sexual and Reproductive health rights organisation. Our Mission Our mission is to end any form of violence and discrimination against the LGBTQ community. Advice Support and Information info@riseup.org SUBSCRIBE TO OUR LGBTQ FREE MAGAZINE email our Chief-Editor #shamim@riseupug.org Emergency contacts during the Lock Down #mike@riseupug.org flo.nanziri@riseupug.org Our Vision We aim at creating a free community able to Come Out, Stand Up and Speak Up. Strategy Rise Up advocates, lobbies and documents LGBTQ data in Uganda with the aim of creating awareness about the LGBTQ community.
Actors and Actresses for an LGBT film needed
Sign a petition to bring a doctor who insulted a LGBTQ woman to justice A Ugandan doctor who insulted and abused a lesbian patient in Oct.2019, hasn’t been brought to justice despite the alleged police investigations. We are signing a petition to be sent to the Health Minister Jane Aceng and the Uganda Medical Association to produce Dr.Mukwaya to justice as promised earlier.  LGBTQ members denied National IDs affecting their political right to vote We are receiving complaints from the LGBTQ community about their failure to successfully acquire national IDs. Some members applications have taken more than 2 years to get approved for no clear reasons. We are registering those who have failed to secure their IDs. Our lawyers will handle the cases collectively. A lesbian woman who was denied a chance to play handball at a Kampala club finally accepted. Juliet a talented handball player can now play handball at his club. The right to play had been withdrawn by a former coach who openly refused to integrate her at a local club. This cost Juliet a chance to play at the Uganda National Handball team. We would like to thank the lawyers and different activists who stood firm to help Juliet realize her dream. SUCCESS JULIE!
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